Facilities Use Agreement


Unity Church for Creative Living Facilities Use Agreement

Unity Church for Creative Living welcomes you to our beautiful facility!  The purpose of our community is to provide Spiritual Sanctuary that enriches and empowers all to realize their Divine potential.  Our Mission - Centered in God, we welcome, support, and inspire all to explore and enrich their spiritual lives. As part of our Core Values, we welcome groups who offer support programs, classes, and activities that encourage others to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

The priority of our church facility is as follows -

  • UCCL Services, both Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings

  • UCCL ministries, programs, and events

  • UCCL sponsored programs or events

  • All other approved programs or events

Facility Availability -  UCCL facilities are available on a first-come, first-served basis within the scheduling timeframes and priorities as outlined above.

UCCL reserves the right to deny access to any group at any time. If the church office identifies a question of eligibility for an event or group wanting to use the facility, the matter will be brought to the Minister and/or Board of Trustees for discussion and resolution.

Personal Property -  If an item is lost while using the premises, please contact the church office. UCCL is not responsible for any personal property left on the premises before, during, or after the use of our building.

Damage - Any reserving group damaging equipment or facilities will be responsible to pay for repairs or replacement of the same.

Behavior/Conduct - The individual who reserves space in the building and signs the contract is responsible for the conduct of the participants and is expected to maintain these policies and a level of behavior appropriate for the setting.

Building Usage Guidelines - Use of the building is restricted to those areas as confirmed through the Facility Reservation process. Groups must provide adequate supervision for their activity. In particular, children may not be left unsupervised while on the premises, inside and outside. Set up is the responsibility of the group using the space. The space should be left in as good or better condition than found. There is absolutely NO SMOKING inside any areas of the building.


Expectations for specific areas of the facility


____ All chairs should be returned to the side of the church. Chairs should be

stacked five high and should be placed on the same side of the sanctuary

from which they were taken.

_____ All tables should be returned to their original location.

______ If necessary, the carpet should be vacuumed. The vacuum is located in

in the storage closet at the front of the sanctuary.

______ If you are using candles or incense, please place the candle/incense on a

plate or other object to prevent ashes and/or wax from dripping onto our

carpet. Ensure all candles/incense are completely extinguished before

leaving the building.

_______ Do not allow anyone to touch the sound equipment or musical

instruments without prior authorization. If you need sound for your event,

please contact Beth Huntsberry at the church office at least a week prior

to your event.

_______ Do not store anything in the church storage closets without prior

authorization from our facilities manager.

_______ Ensure all doors are locked, including the side door in the sanctuary.

_______ Thermostat should be set to 84 degrees in the summer, 60 degrees

during the winter.



____ No cooking is allowed in the UCCL kitchen without prior authorization from

the facilities manager with the exception of the use of coffee makers and

microwave oven.

______ Ensure all dishes are washed and put away.

______ ALL trash should be removed from the kitchen and taken to the dumpster

located at the back of the church. Pour all liquids down the drain before placing the container in the trash can. Replace trash can liner.

______ If necessary, sweep floors and wipe down counters.

______ No food should be left in the refrigerator or freezer without prior

authorization from the facilities manager.

______ Ensure all coffee makers are emptied, cleaned, and unplugged.



_____ Leave restrooms clean. They should be in as good as or better

condition than found.


Youth Areas

____ ALL furniture should be returned to its original location. Please see the

chart on the wall in each room.

_____ Return any equipment removed from other areas of the church to its original location.

_____ All toys, art supplies, etc. should be neatly stored.

_____ All trash should be removed from the youth area and taken to the

dumpster located outside in the back of the church. Replace

trash can liner.

_____ Vacuum/sweep if necessary.

_____ Check all doors to ensure they are locked and secure.

_____ Turn off all lights.

_____ Thermostat should be set to 80 degrees during the summer, 60 degrees

during the winter.

_____ The storage closet is for YFM use only. Do not store items in this

closet without prior authorization from our YFM Director.



____ Bring in any toys, tables, chairs, etc.

____ All trash should be cleaned up and placed in the dumpster located in the back of the church.

____ The last person leaving should turn off the outdoor lights, (the “Christmas Lights” stay on).



Love offerings, tithes, donations, etc. should be placed in a sealed envelope with the proper form filled out and signed. Slide the envelope under the office door before you leave.


For questions or issues requiring immediate assistance, please call our Office Administrator, Beth Huntsberry at 786-475-5964, or our Facilities Manager, Richard Larson at 904-673-7833.

Please report any maintenance issues immediately using the attached form.  Additional forms are available in the church office.

Again, we welcome you to UCCL and appreciate your assistance in keeping our facility clean, beautiful, and ready for Sunday Services each week.


Key Telephone Numbers -

UCCL Office 904-287-1505

Beth Huntsberry,   Office Administrator 786-475-5964

Richard Lawson, Facilities Director 904-673-7833

Dixie Smith, Youth and Family Director 678-266-7679


Representative Signature _______________________ Date ________


UCCL Staff Signature _______________________ Date  _________