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What's Lent? Rev. Yvonne

Thu, 03/16/2017 - 3:48pm -- hsylvester

What’s Lent?

Lent is traditionally described as the forty days Jesus spent fasting in the desert before beginning his public ministry. Often people commit to fasting, as well as “giving up” certain luxuries in order to replicate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s journey into the desert for forty days.

I believe our time during the Lenten season is better served by sacrificing (giving up) the things that don’t serve us. Things like fear, anger, resentment, unforgiveness, hatred, self-loathing, self-doubt, gossip, criticism, complaining, negative thoughts and actions. As we give up these things that don’t serve us we also want to take up something in its place that does serve us. Some suggestions are practicing more love, compassion, kindness, empathy, giving, serving, politeness, patience... Tools that can help us stay more aligned with our purpose are prayer, meditation, daily devotional readings (like Daily Word), attending church, classes, yoga, nature hikes, or whatever serves you.

Eric Butterworth challenged us to take a new bent on Lent. “Don’t give up anything… take up a new self-image of yourself...”  If you would like to learn more about Unity’s understanding of Lent, please join us on Wednesday’s through April 12th from 4 – 6 PM for the class – Keep a True Lent, based on Charles Fillmore’s book by the same name.

Namaste, Rev. Yvonne