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UCCL Update - Rev. Yvonne

Tue, 03/17/2020 - 12:00am -- Anonymous
Greetings Dear Beloved,
I want you to know how deeply the UCCL Board of Trustees cares about you and takes into consideration what is in the highest and best for all concerned. I have heard from many of you and I understand the growing fear of the Coronavirus. Centeredness is an outgrowth of preparedness. I invite you to center in prayer and trust your own inner Divine guidance from God. 
I have spoken with our Board of Trustees and we have prayerfully considered our responsibility to you our members, our responsibility to ourselves, and our responsibility to the community at large. After prayerful consideration we have decided to follow the Federal Government guidelines to restrict gatherings of more than ten people. This means we will cancel all classes, activities, events, and Sunday morning services until further notice.
In an effort to provide you spiritual food we are working on video lessons which will be available soon on our UCCL website and Facebook page.  Please know that we already have audio files of previous Sunday lessons archived on our website that are available to you at any time.
In the absence of gathering in large groups please consider connecting via today’s technology. We encourage you to stay connected with one another via phone, text, email, and social media. 
We still have regular monthly expenses for our spiritual home, grounds, and staff. We encourage you to continue your financial support of UCCL via tithe or donation through our website www.UnityInJax.com or snail mail: Unity Church for Creative Living 2777 Race Track Rd. Saint Johns, FL. 32259. Your demonstration of prosperity consciousness and continued giving is greatly appreciated.
I love our spiritual community. We are an epicenter of love, light, and spiritual understanding. We teach the power of prayer, denials and affirmations, listening to our own inner Divine Guidance and Divine Wisdom, practicing our Truth Principles, and above all loving and supporting one another.
Rev. Yvonne McAndrew
Unity Church for Creative Living