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PosiFest 2018 ~ Rev. Yvonne

Fri, 03/02/2018 - 4:42pm -- hsylvester

PosiFest 2018

WOW! WOW! WOW! Is all I can say about my first experience attending ‘The emPower Positive Music Festival’. Every year, new thought musicians from all over the country converge at a hotel in Tampa, Florida, and unleash their amazing talent. There were performances from legends such as: Karen Drucker, Sue Riley, Eddie Watkins, Jr, David Roth, Richard Mekdeci, Greg Tamblyn, Faith Rivera, Stowe/Good, Bob Sima, Jan Garrett, Daniel Nahmod, and the list goes on and on.

The music was off the chain and the keynote speakers were just as engaging. We enjoyed listening to Dr. Garland Landrith and Sean Pica, who both gave inspirational and informative talks that touched the heart and moved the soul. There were several breakout sessions to choose from and I had trouble deciding which one to attend as they all looked interesting; and I learned so much, in addition to being blessed by such great music.

Each year they have one night where they host a Pajama Jam. So what is a Pajama Jam you ask? It’s hard to describe as it really needs to be experienced to understand the fullness of it. We were invited to wear our pajamas and check out the 3rd floor. There were 10 to 12 rooms open for us to peruse through. Each room had its own theme and list of musicians performing. It was like a conglomeration of a bunch of mini house parties altogether in one place. As I moved from room to room even the hallway was rocking with positive music energy. I met so many amazing people, musicians, and fans that it was a memorable night.

I invite you to start planning now to attend the next emPower Positive Music Festival in May 2019 and you too can be as blessed as I was.

Namaste’ Rev. Yvonne