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A May Message from Jen!

Thu, 05/17/2018 - 1:07pm -- Anonymous

May brings the end of the school year for our children and unbridled joy as summer vacation begins. At UCCL, Sunday School will continue at 10:30 am during service throughout the summer. In between your vacations away from home, please bring your child for their spiritual nourishment during the summer.  I love when children are able to come regularly as they see their church friends as well as experience growth from week to week. They become more connected to our church, spirit, and each other.

We had two of our Uniteens (middle school), GianCarlo and Jazmyn, attend the Spring Uniteen retreat in Live Oak at Camp Weed. Jazmyn’s Mom, our Uniteens Sunday School teacher, Tammy attended and chaperoned. We had such a beautiful time as the children met Uniteens from all over Florida, Georgia and Alabama. They experienced a nature walk early in the morning, a ropes course, family groups for prayer, lessons, and reflection, a talent show, labyrinth walk and a candlelight service in the most beautiful chapel set on a pond that was made entirely of wood and glass. It was a spiritually centering weekend for the kids but also the adults who were blessed to attend. All of us are grateful to our UCCL church family for supporting us so that we could experience this together.

Recently the UCCL Youth/Family volunteers attended a meeting where we discussed the needs of our children, the Youth/Family department and the phenomenal growth we are experiencing. We are in need of teachers/angels (assistant teachers) in the following areas: pre-school, Unikids (5-10), Uniteens (11-14) and Y.O.U (student-led high school group) during service from 10-11:45 on Sundays. Are you inspired to share your talents and time with our youth? One of our volunteers, Martha Calabrese, recently shared that she learns so much from the wisdom of our beautiful youth every time she volunteers. You don’t need teaching experience! As long as you possess a love of children and just two hours a month to volunteer, you’re ready. Please see me for more information. All volunteers must fill out a background form and meet one-on-one with me.

We need you this summer! We will be working on the Youth area: painting, sprucing up, and re-organizing. Please let me know if you have time this summer to help. Many groups meet back here in addition to the youth so these updates will benefit many groups in our church.

Please remember to sign in when you drop off your child and sign out when you leave. This is for the safety of your child. Also, I maintain a form on every child/family that includes allergy and other information as well as a photo release form for social media.  

I hope to see you soon!