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Introducing Rev. Yvonne McAndrew

Thu, 10/13/2016 - 12:15am -- hsylvester

Unity Church for Creative Living Welcomes Rev. Yvonne McAndrew

UCCL is ready, willing, and eager to welcome their new senior minister, the Reverend Yvonne McAndrew.  Rev. Yvonne is moving from Oklahoma where she served at Unity Spiritual Life Center of Oklahoma City and Unity Church of Norman. 

Rev. Yvonne has been involved in the Unity movement since 1984.  She describes her first Unity experience as “a coming home” for her soul.  Unity has changed her life in so many wonderful ways; she felt compelled to give back for all she has received.  In 1998, she was thrilled to complete her Licensed Unity Teacher certification with Unity Worldwide Ministries and later went on to receive her Ministerial license and ordination through UWM.  Rev. Yvonne has joyously given of her time, talent, and treasures to Unity Churches across the country. 

Rev. Yvonne McAndrew is the first to declare that she is spiritual, not religious.  Although she often teaches from the bible, Rev. Yvonne explains how the ancient bible passages can relate to our current everyday life.  Gleaning from Unity teachings, metaphysics, quantum physics, and a host of new thought teachers, authors, and leaders (including her own journey), Rev. Yvonne serves up quite a tantalizing Sunday service full of spiritual food for the soul.  Rev. Yvonne has a wonderful sense of humor and often starts her Sunday lesson with a joke.  She is a storyteller as well and delights in immersing herself in the characters of the stories she shares.

A long time Unity member shared this about Rev. Yvonne’s preaching style, “I never feel like I’m being preached at, but that a glowing, sensitive person is sharing parts of her journey with me and allowing me to grow through them.”  For those who know Rev. Yvonne, they know what a kind, gentle, loving soul she is.  She looks at the bright side of everything, even in the dark clouds, she finds the silver lining.  Her motto is, “God is good… all the time!”  Rev. Yvonne is a living, breathing, walking example of living in the belief of that statement. 

As someone at Unity said, “Yvonne is someone who is passionate about peace on our planet.”  That is clearly evident in her involvement with Non-Violent Communication, Heart Math, Mediate Your Life, BePeace/Connection Practice. . .

Rev. Yvonne was born and raised in Chicago, IL, where she was first introduced to Unity.  She has also lived in Kansas City, MO, Columbus, OH, and Oklahoma City, OK, serving several Unity ministries along the way, as a Licensed Unity Teacher and later as minister.

Prior to ministry, Rev. Yvonne’s good business sense led her to a lucrative career as a successful owner/operator of a Hertz Rent-A-Car franchise in Evanston, IL.

Rev. Yvonne is excited to be coming to Florida in November and joining the loving spiritual community of Unity Church for Creative Living in St Johns.  You are invited to join us in welcoming Rev.  Yvonne McAndrew on November 5th at our Saturday celebration reception and concert starring Eddie Watkins, Jr. from 4 p.m.  to 7 p.m.  and our Sunday morning service at 10:30 a.m.  November 6th.  Unity Church for Creative Living is located at 2777 Race Track Road, St. Johns FL, 32259 (NE Corner of Flora Branch Blvd. & Race Track Road), 904-287-1505 or www.unityinjax.com

Please come celebrate with our Unity community, Rev. Yvonne McAndrew and Eddie Watkins Jr. as we “raise the vibration of the planet one song at a time”!