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Harmony ~ Rev. Yvonne

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 5:54pm -- hsylvester

Harmony is our Nature

Look at a tree, no two are alike and yet they each move through the same life cycles of spring sprouting, summer blooming, fall releasing, and wintertime slumber, all calibrated in perfect harmony with nature.  We can also learn to live, move and breath in harmony with nature, allowing ourselves to release anything that is not serving our highest good.  Sometimes this releasing means letting go of things, people, property, addictions, unforgiveness, old hurts, and resentments, etc.  The releasing process can be bittersweet and yet if we are truly in tune with our Divine Nature, we will sense the perfect harmony of our own highest good emerging.  I invite you to enjoy the natural rhythm and harmony this time of year brings and if you’re up for it, hug a tree. 

Namaste, Rev. Yvonne McAndrew