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Happy Spring! ~ Rev. Yvonne

Fri, 03/30/2018 - 3:32pm -- hsylvester

April 2018

Spring has sprung and it’s a beautiful time of year.  Everything is being birthed anew.  All the plants, trees, and flowers are rising up and bringing forth their inherent life energy and it is a beautiful sight to behold. 

Mother Nature blesses us this time of year with her boundless beauty.  We too can learn from the natural cycles of nature.  There is a time to spread roots, a time to sprout, a time to bloom, and a time to release, let go, and allow.  As we look at our own life, can we see where we are in the different areas of our life?  Perhaps things are sprouting in the area of our career, but regarding relationships, it might be a time for releasing and letting go.  Is our health and spiritual awareness blooming?   We may be in different cycles in each of the different areas of our life, but we can learn, grow, and evolve through each life experience. 

May we be open and receptive to the varying cycles of our life, trusting that our life experiences are here to bless us in big and small ways. 

Happy Spring 2018

Rev. Yvonne