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Christ Essence ~ Rev. Yvonne

Fri, 04/12/2019 - 12:04pm -- hsylvester

Christ Essence ~ Easter 2019

Jesus followed a path that many would have run from.  He found his true self, and lived from his Christ essence. The high vibrational frequency that the Christ presence emits drew people to Jesus.  He gathered twelve men who he would train, teach, demonstrate, and love. He called them his disciples, and they were to carry on his work.

If you read the Gospels, you can plainly see that Jesus knew he was taking the path to death and resurrection. He could have changed the course, said no and disappeared.  But he didn’t. He said yes, following his Divine guidance and the course that led to crucifixion.  But the story doesn’t end there, as Jesus promised he would rise again after three days…and he did!  He demonstrated that life is eternal, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that our biggest fear, death, is but an illusion. 

May we remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience, especially when life gets tough and we feel like we are being crucified. Regularly connecting with the Divine presence of God through prayer and meditation and following the Divine guidance we receive is so beneficial. Hang in there until the resurrection comes…and it will come!

 I love being on the mountain top, but it is in the valleys I grow.  Thank you God!


Rev. Yvonne McAndrew