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An August Message from Jen!

Fri, 08/03/2018 - 3:17pm -- Anonymous

School is back in session for our children this month. It’s been a wonderful summer of continuing to see your beautiful children as they have shared their summer adventures with all of us. Their joy in time for free play and family time was evident in their faces as they shared their summer tales.

The last Sunday in July was family Sunday and the kids did an outstanding job presenting “Old Turtle” as a reader’s theater to the congregation. This story of what happens when we separate from God and how we are ultimately all connected to God was narrated by GianCarlo and performed by Jazmyn, Annabelle, and Zoey.  Our children led the congregation in a special prayer, meditation, offering and song. “Happy” by Pharrell was performed by: GianCarlo, Alessandro, Myah, Zoey, Summer and Annabelle. In addition, Lucas and James served as ushers. The children greeted each congregant with homemade affirmations that the children made: You are kind, you are loved, you are unique, you are special were a few. They strung the affirmations around each congregant’s neck as they came in so they could wear their specially made necklaces throughout the service.



This month I want to invite all children to our Back to School Party on Sunday, 8/12. We will have a spiritual lesson about going back to school and they will be given goody bags and a special snack. Please put a reminder in your phone and I’ll see you there.

This coming month we are focusing on the following lessons:

  • The Lion in the Garden: Forgiving and Healing: I forgive as I can and my heart is filled with light.
  • The Changeless Spirit Security: My true self is deathless and changeless. I am secure in unconditional love, light, and joy.
  • 6,000 tries:  Perseverance - I will keep my energy moving and finish what I start.


As always, my aim is to give our special children the spiritual education and tools they need for self-growth and connection with spirit.

I am in need of teachers and angels for our children and teens this Fall. Please see me for more information or email me at: farnham.jenn@gmail.com.