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Advent: A Time of Preparation

Tue, 11/28/2017 - 3:56pm -- hsylvester

Advent: A Time of Preparation

Advent is a time of expectation and preparation for the arrival of the Christ. The Latin root for Advent, aventus, means “coming.” Advent has been celebrated since the 400s C.E., and according to Christian tradition, it includes the four weeks before the coming of the Christ child. Metaphysically, the Advent season is a time for increasing our capacity to experience the Christ or Divine Presence in us. It is a time of preparation, of making room in our lives for the awareness that, in Truth, we are spiritual beings.

During Advent, we focus on one attribute of our spiritual nature each week and call it forth into our conscious lives: The week of Faith invites us to consider what we believe. For example, we believe—we know—the sun will rise every day. In what else do we have such great faith? Do we have faith that we are loved by God and in turn have the capacity to love and forgive others? Do we know there is nothing we cannot overcome through the power of the Christ within us? Do we know we have a divine purpose for being present on earth, right here and right now?  During the first week of Advent, we consider our Faith, and actively stretch and strengthen it.

The second week of Advent focuses on the spiritual practice of Peace. We realize that when we’re tempted to express anger or to walk away, we have a choice: We can center ourselves and express our feelings calmly and honestly. We can choose peace instead of confrontation. During this week of Advent, we focus on peace and enhance our spiritual practice by relaxing and letting go. We let go and let God; breathe and choose peace.

The third week of Advent centers on Love. We are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26), and as Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore wrote: “The nature of God is love.” Thus our true nature is also love. We practice love as we call forth the divine love in us and open our hearts to share it with others. Without judgment, leaving no one out, we beam love, remembering to say it to ourselves when we look in a mirror.

The fourth week of Advent is focused on Joy.  Joy is contagious—a powerful emotion that lights up our brains and lifts our spirits. As we smile, laugh, and sparkle in our own unique way, joy opens the way for us to give from our Christ Self.

On Christmas Day—having completed our Advent preparation—we celebrate the arrival of the Christ child and give thanks for the Christ Presence within us. All is calm, all is bright!

~Adapted from Unity.org Advent Message